Dougald Hine


People meet me as a speaker, a writer or a creator of organisations, projects and events.

I created this site in 2010 as a place to weave those threads together. These days, it's more of an archive of my life before I left London in 2012 - if you want to know what I'm working on these days, you should probably start with my other site (or you can even try my Swedish blog).

There's still plenty left to explore around here, though, even if some of it is a little out of date. The Work page gives a fuller introduction to some of the things I have done, while the Projects section has the detail on everything from Space Makers and Dark Mountain to The University Project.

If you want to understand the connections between my different lives - as a writer, an internet entrepreneur, a deinstitutionalised learner and a founder of organisations with over-the-top names - the Interviews page may help.

The Reading section is the most comprehensive part of the site and is basically a brain dump of my ideas and interests. The How To page is a practical antidote to all those books.

If I had to lose the site and could only save one page, it would be the People page - a map of those whose lives overlap with mine, one way or another.

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